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the real deal

ahh yes. The original artist, theirs no comparison between you and your imitators.

Crusade agaisnt common thinking? ha

This isnt a crusade on common thinking, its your basic looky looky I made pictures of bloody weird things, I am creative, love my individuality.

to your crediti, it did have smooth animation, but really, what do you expect from this?

Get over your need to prove yourself, become comfortable with yourself, and dedicate your talent toward something with a point

huge suscess

Honestly, I'm not a very big fan of the Awesome series, still I have to give it up to you on this one. Its funny, has style, and is pretty long to. You've definatly improved and I here by give you a well deserved thumbs up.

Instant NG classic

amazing on all acounts

An EPIC step up

Rather funny and shows tramatic improvments over episode 1 "not that I didnt like ep1, but you have come a long way"

good job

shock value and little else

This video, though containing some noteworthy animation, seemed mostly desighned to shock from goong from the "Cutie " and bathing it in blood. I guess their was something to say for it at the end "lets all be happy" but all the other things inbetween seemed very pointless and melodramatic.

crude and taste-less

honestly I was hoping for more considering the load time.

This movie was not original or funny. A series of bland, tastless and stolen jokes that make no sense and have no link to the actuall material. Jokes stolen from old 80s movies or just unnessesary crude sexual jokes their for a quick laugh. The animation is your only redeeming quality and even that is hit and miss.

sweet jebus!!

0_0....dear ..god man....

that looks awsome! I remeber the movie that you showed in the bgining....jebus...

Animation=10, thats some of the greatest stuff I've seen on flash, ever "and I looove my flash"

style: more style then the actuall T.V show and games "the new ones anyway, I'd definatly preffer a game based on tsomething like this then the stuff they gave out with Sonich hereos and Shadow the hedghog :)"

Sound: great tunes. Though I kind liked the one you had while the movie was loading most.

Violence: lol, their was actually a lot, and I mean....its sonic! but its not overly bloody or gory.
good luck! cant wait to see the movie

evil ebaulm

wow, thank you for making htis, I had no idea that ebualms world was doing those ind of things, I must spread the word!. The song was halariouse and informative "woh!" I hope this gets on the front page soon, THE PEOPLE MUST KNOW!

wow, I'm impressed

This is a first submission? Wow dude, you really understand flash. This is one of the feew sprite movies I've both watched and enjoyed and thats saying a lot. Loved how you used the different sprites and The way you presented it, I really wanted to know who would end up winning. The song actually fit in prett well to.

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