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a well done collab, be proud

I'd crash a castle with you guys any day :D and I shall download that song, oh yes...yes I will.

funny but...

I this would qualify under self promotion. I think that's supposed to be a no no here if you don't really show an animation.

on the plus side...the song was awesome and I want it :D

tohoscope responds:

You can download the MP3 at http://freemusicarchive.org/music/Dok aka/

When I submitted there was a spam category in the dropdown menu, so that's where I put it. I thought I was okay. I'll read through the rules again.



At first I saw the begining and thoguht to myself "oh boi, here we go, another half done parody"

however, by the end I lol'd. It was actually a funny idea. My guess is some people will be turned off by oddity of a sonic reference, and the not odd looking animation. However, if you check some tutorials around here, I think you'll end up making some pretty good stuff.

Recorderdude responds:

thanks! I will!

a valiant attempt

but a pilot should show a little more, this was a pitch, the idea, not full realized in an episode. Also, you can't cover up a lack of voice acting with a song. I suggest you get a mic or look into the voice acting section of this site.

Also, and this is a personal thing. The whole "video games= ma life" shtick is very played out. You're going to need to bring a little more to the table if you want to stand out and grow.

good luck

Vedriz27 responds:

Thanx, I just got flash 2 days ago, and I'm already working on another but I'm gonna put a lot more time into it, and add some voice over. Also thanx for not being a dick

fbf greatness, but it's missing something...

GREAT "and I do mean that" frame by frame stuff...

you need sound. It would be a definite plus ,especially since you went to the trouble of moving their lips anyway. :D

exellent ccle

cycles great, though I have a feeling this will be regaurded as spam by some


This actually looked like it would have been something decent, until you turned it into spam...se la vi...

great idea

Saw some stuff I'd really like to see finished. Only wish I'd had something to put their :P. best of luck to all the artist's and their soon to be masterpieces.

MrRandomist responds:

Thanks Glad you liked it!
I too am looking forward to all the authors releases!


very different from what you usually do, but in a good way . I really liked it.


funny, but the way you did the animation stuck out the most, how'd you get it so smooth?

Alienslushie responds:

I just drink a vanilla coke before every animation.

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