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blank0000's News

Posted by blank0000 - June 18th, 2013

Hello NG!

For the past year, a team I've been working with has been developing a first person adventure game called Lens. Put simply, it's an explorative game that requires the player to peer into a parallel dimension using a mysterious piece of technology, and uncover secrets hidden throughout the game.

The game is available for free download at the link below. Please check it out and let us know what you think!


Lens: A new project from Out of Focus Games!

Posted by blank0000 - May 9th, 2013

Hello world of Newgrounds!

A student team I'm a part of has recently released a beta of a new game built in Unity! We are looking to see what people think of it thus far, and I wanted to get the opinions of the NG community!


That link up there will take you to the games download page, and hook you up with any information you might want or need.

If you find any bugs, have any suggestions, or anything of that nature, just go ahead and let us know! Thank's and have a awesome day!

Play a reality bending game Beta!

Posted by blank0000 - March 27th, 2012


Very exciting news, my teams game "developed in XNA" will go on to play a part in this years Sammy awards at the Rio theater! The next few months are all about polish, tweeking, and making the game better. IF you want to beta test and help make it even better, click the link below and download!

Click here to learn more!

Posted by blank0000 - March 30th, 2011

A new day has dawned, and with it a new animation :D


fun stuff was learned this time through.

(for those of you that care about such tom foolin):
This time around the animation started as me just trying to mess around witha new art style and HEY actually give my characters limbs! From there A walk animation was made, and later, the madness you should have clicked on.

things for future me to remember:
-story boarding is F**KING important...you should do that more at the beginning, and less midway through.
-key-framing can save your life
-decent audio equipment can make all the difference
-voice actors are golden wonderful things
-time is a precious thing...do not waste it
-the "Dumping grounds" is a very important thing

next mission is to get lip sychniing down, I really should have that skill mastered much more then I do. It's easy to sluff it off and say that its not needed for the level of project im doing, but not practicing it has definitly bitten me worse then I thought.


Monster friend

Posted by blank0000 - September 17th, 2010

2 half finished projects I had chillin on my computer are now on the internet! yay! happy times shall roll.

capture the cake:

and The train-station of Love:

why dont you be a pal and take a look at em?

2 new vids HAZA!

Posted by blank0000 - June 15th, 2010

So yes as the title states, ask me to and I'll review a toon of yours in the name of "why not". AND HEY, if ya feel up to it, maybe you'll take a look at one of mine.

thats that, lemme know :)

Posted by blank0000 - February 14th, 2010

So like all great men before me, I have created a glorious HONORARY VALENTINES DAY SPECIAL! Which was a name that was already taken, so I renamed it a Very Berky Valentines. Be a dear and view it :D


Happy Valentines day!

Posted by blank0000 - January 21st, 2010

So yes it is true, I have made something new! For every single person "including you"


found some unfinished stuff on my laptop, planning on actually finishing then and making ...NEW...CONTENT!....WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT??!?!!?

crazy but true!

A fancy new video for all you good little boys and girls!

Posted by blank0000 - September 24th, 2009

So first off, any hot young animators that be chillin in university of Santa Cruz, hit me up :D

Second....Oh golly ya'll it's been a "hella" sick week. Lot's going on, lots of fresh idea's, lot's of free pizza. Can't wait to start working on it. As of now classes are about to begin so the honeymoon phase is pretty much done. Still University is awesome, just thought I'd throw that out there

also, chalk drawing at 1:00 A.M is a very rewarding experience :D

College life up in Santa Cruz

Posted by blank0000 - September 10th, 2009

yes...yes I did, and it was awesome...ish

Review mode...ACTIVATE:

lil history that probably effects my opinion:
9 is based on an animated short created by Shane Ascher "I believe it was something he made over his 4 years in college" the short proved to be a marvel and set the young fellow up to be one hell of a future something. Now we have 9 the movie, produced by Timmy Burton but still directed by Shane. A talented man no doubt, but someone who has never made a feature length film and as such, makes a mistake or two along the way.

It begins:
The first half of the movie suck's you in with a combination of incredible visuals and a surreal post-war world rendered in what Shane call's "stitchpunk". It's the kind of stuff you generally only get to see in short films on the interweb "newgrounds :D" and seeing such a world fully realized is something really worth seeing. As the film progresses though, the flaw's start to show a little more.

Them flaw's:
While the world that 9 takes place in could literally be described as breathtaking, the pacing and structure is not. Their are a lot of very well thought out "scenes" that alone work very well. However, they don't always click with each other, and at times it feels like their was something important that the movie forgot to bring up. Think of it as you would if you've ever dreampt up a story but never wrote it down all the way through. You have some very specific things you want to do, but you don't always have a plan to get from point A to point B. I was incredibly worried that Shane would lose some of the creative control in the project. However, this seems like one of those rare cases where it would have been perfect if someone more experienced in film making "timmy B" helped direct the director in the right direction "say that 5 times fast"

The Awesome:
9 however, is by no mean's a failed attempt. What it lacks in structure it makes up for in style and originality. Throughout the majority of the movie, every time I began to have a critic moment of "hey now, that's not really working" something would happen that would come over and slap the little critic in me back in his place. Every frame is made with care and diligence, helping to make a visual masterpiece. Every creature and machine is unlike anything you've ever seen before, from the massive clanking "fabrication machine" the timid sack-boy's them selves. Yes 9 has it's issues, but when thing's are done right in this movie they are executed perfectly. If you want to see something imaginative, check it out.

Final Word:
Ultimately 9 is a flawed, yet still very amazing film that has the potential to be a cult classic, depending on what kind of person you are and what you prefer to see in a movie. I recall having a similar experience when I saw Repo, the genetic opera. Flawed like hell, but still filled with enough heart and style to prove it has an audience in this world.

Saw 9 at 9:00 on 9/9/09