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Saw 9 at 9:00 on 9/9/09

Posted by blank0000 - September 10th, 2009

yes...yes I did, and it was awesome...ish

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lil history that probably effects my opinion:
9 is based on an animated short created by Shane Ascher "I believe it was something he made over his 4 years in college" the short proved to be a marvel and set the young fellow up to be one hell of a future something. Now we have 9 the movie, produced by Timmy Burton but still directed by Shane. A talented man no doubt, but someone who has never made a feature length film and as such, makes a mistake or two along the way.

It begins:
The first half of the movie suck's you in with a combination of incredible visuals and a surreal post-war world rendered in what Shane call's "stitchpunk". It's the kind of stuff you generally only get to see in short films on the interweb "newgrounds :D" and seeing such a world fully realized is something really worth seeing. As the film progresses though, the flaw's start to show a little more.

Them flaw's:
While the world that 9 takes place in could literally be described as breathtaking, the pacing and structure is not. Their are a lot of very well thought out "scenes" that alone work very well. However, they don't always click with each other, and at times it feels like their was something important that the movie forgot to bring up. Think of it as you would if you've ever dreampt up a story but never wrote it down all the way through. You have some very specific things you want to do, but you don't always have a plan to get from point A to point B. I was incredibly worried that Shane would lose some of the creative control in the project. However, this seems like one of those rare cases where it would have been perfect if someone more experienced in film making "timmy B" helped direct the director in the right direction "say that 5 times fast"

The Awesome:
9 however, is by no mean's a failed attempt. What it lacks in structure it makes up for in style and originality. Throughout the majority of the movie, every time I began to have a critic moment of "hey now, that's not really working" something would happen that would come over and slap the little critic in me back in his place. Every frame is made with care and diligence, helping to make a visual masterpiece. Every creature and machine is unlike anything you've ever seen before, from the massive clanking "fabrication machine" the timid sack-boy's them selves. Yes 9 has it's issues, but when thing's are done right in this movie they are executed perfectly. If you want to see something imaginative, check it out.

Final Word:
Ultimately 9 is a flawed, yet still very amazing film that has the potential to be a cult classic, depending on what kind of person you are and what you prefer to see in a movie. I recall having a similar experience when I saw Repo, the genetic opera. Flawed like hell, but still filled with enough heart and style to prove it has an audience in this world.

Saw 9 at 9:00 on 9/9/09