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Funny, and beautifully done.

What else can be said? As always it was funny as hell, original, and animated excellently.

interesting, AND surprising

I'll level with you, I generally hate sprite movies and video game mash up parodies as well. But damn that was well done. Probably the only sprite film I've voted 5 one, and it's well deserved.

interesting, unique, in need of focus

Let's get this out of the way, you're anima-jation is amazing, you did so much and I respect you immensely for that that. Also the world you've created is fascinating. I love it, and would gladly want to see more of it.

However, the plot it self is a little hit and miss for me. Maybe their was another chapter somewhere I didn't see, but their was a lot of jumping and strange spot's that broke the flow. Why is their no gov? What has Evolve done recently and how did it come to be? Why so much mass oppression? Why is their only one church? These questions don't need to be flat out told to you, in fact, subtly is often a key virtue with story telling, but I need some reason to feel attached to these characters.

well done

I'm not really a fan of one piece, but the animation was pretty sweet, a shortened version could totally be used for as an intro for your work.

you got a gift kid

I thought you C and H was mostly the lol's, but damn if that animation didn't look SPECTACULAR! One of the funniest thing's I've seen in some time!


it seems real easy these days for people to make jokes and scoff at religious stuff without even looking into it. You actually take the time to make good , semi insightful stuff :D

I solute you sir!


No doubt about it, you keep this stuff going, their will be excellent things in yo future.

So much of it just looks and seems so original, it's the kinda stuff that really makes you see what animation can do with someone whose obviously mastered it.

Curiously strong

was unsure of what to give this, but in the end it was something very original, interesting to see play out, and was just plain trippy "in a good kinda way" 5 star's. Awesome stuff.


Awesome stuff

diggable demo reel

I'm sort of in your boat, trying to get going in flash and what have you. If you want to be more "a part of the site" then I suggest trying to join a collab in the forums. "though personally I've decided to shy away from that stuff, wanna make my own sort of stuff"

Also theirs plenty of animation technique tutorials I think you should check out. You seem to know frame by frame pretty well. So I'd look into furthering that.

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