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This is yer first? You SIR have a bright future :) I found it very amusing.

itsKris responds:

lol, thanks :)

Great re-telling

Our religious views differ, but your rendition of said story is very well done, and I prefer it to a lot of other forms I've heard it in.


I feel very similar to this one as I did for "I heart Jess" It looks amazing, but does have some bits that are hard to make out/ understand. Then again, if it where a decision between making something accessible and making what you want, I'm glad you'd take the higher road. Keep up the awesome stuff.


I was a little confused here and there "I did read your explanation/news post" The animation as everyone said is very very very impressive, I guess the only thing that might be worth noting is that some of the plot seemed like part of an in joke or something. Still, a high quality piece of animation.

nahtanojmal responds:

Yes there is a bit of an in joke with some of the plot. I did start the animation with the fan club being an energetic hypocritical church and it still is meant to allude to it. Thanks for the review


well done, had a point, and was a well thought out lecture of sorts. Even though I dont agree 100%, I can admire the level of effort that went in and you did give me food for thought. Good job man, and good luck with whatever you plan on doing with your new found free time.


and kind of adorable :D I approve!

awesome idea

really loved it. funny and kinda awesome to see all the halo stuff :D

P.S where'd you get those awesome sprites?

I'm sorry but I will compain

I hate to be a downer, but I honestly don't think this constitutes as a finished product. A lot more effort went into this then something that should be "blammed" but these sort of demos don't seem to work for me.

studio-nightbird responds:

well I love your honesty. I'll be releasing a PROPER flash very soon. Its just these videos are just to fun to make. thanks for your review ;)


Loved the hl2 sound fx.

Seriously though, you're amazing. a god like animator, with a very creative spirit. Loved every moment of it, and though I am a big old fan of EFN, I would'nt complain if you continued this.

in short...Awesome job.


I really don't get the bit about "fat positive full figured female"...I just thought it was kinda funny and well animated.

bellylaughsflash responds:

We just wanna see more fat full figured women in mainstream cartoons. Seriously... where are all the REAL women in cartoons?? Nothing but stick thin, unrealistic women with flat concave stomachs and size zero waists. Thanks for the review.

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