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rather diggable indeed

reminds me of something they'd play at the end of an awesome and explosive action movie. Good on ya.

SilentCobra responds:

GODDAMMIT!! Why does everyone keep saying that this belongs at the end?! >:( Sure the title may be "End Game" but, as far as I personally am concerned, this is something that should be played during an extremely actiony part of the movie.


Then again, the more I listen to it, I guess it could be played at the end of an action movie. I just don't like how everyone keeps saying that over and over and over. Thanks for the review and could you review my flash submissions as well?


such a simple thing is such a brilliant idea. my hats off to you good sir

amazing comrad!

loved it!

annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd download

first song I've heard from you, gonna look up some more :D

syphonmax responds:

lol Thanks :)

creepy yet relaxing

I get a sort of tim burton/ mad scientist vibe from it. tis a good thing.

awesome idea

I cant really judge how wrong it is since, ya know, its in your head. Buuuuuut I like how you've made the music to go with the image in your head. Figure everyone could get their own version of it this way :D "interpretive?". Still, good luck with getting that tablet/ getting the animated part.


I reallly like this one. Most songs at this site are made through some kind of tecno theme. This a refreshing chagne and it sonds really good. I'd vote higher if it was'nt all a sort of loop with no voice, but still good job. Very relaxing, I'll be downloading this, its perfect for when I need to clear my mind or something like that. Again good job.

shootingBLiND responds:

thanx a lot blank *hides all his trance/techno stuff" hehe...yea lol

i was gonna put vocals on this at first but then i couldn't do it, it sounded perfect to me how it is

and im glad that this will help ur mind relax and become inspired.


I think I've heard this song before, or at elast a similar version. But it keeps cutting off to this one part of the song. Is that done on purpose or is this some kind of glitch?

stl-product314 responds:

Naw dawg. I'm the originator of this shit. I made it soooooo long ago. It's supposed to be that way. lol Thought it sounded cool.

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