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nice cover

sounds good! like how you sped it up at the end. Gave it a sense of progression, a feeling of growth "if that makes sense"

Rhyhart responds:

Yea I know what you mean. Thanks for the review!!


intro dragged on a little bit, but once I got into the song I really liked it. Gives me a sort of surrealistic/fantasy vibe, like it belongs in a zelda or Rayman game.

Rhyhart responds:

It is a very trippy song I know what you mean. Thanks for the feedback!


it gets a little too samey, never really goes anywhere or builds beyond what you generally expect from techno, however it was pretty good and would be excellent for a game or something of that nature.

Assios responds:

Yeah, it's repetitive, and I will probably edit it and make it less repetitive. Thanks!

very chill

I like it. Has a little more variation then some of your other stuff, and just sounds like something fun to listen to when your on the road.

SilentCobra responds:

Hey, like I said, it kinda reminds me of Sammy Hagar and Molly Hatchet. That and the name is "Lost Highway" so it'd only make sense to listen to this while on the road. <:P


it's not a song....but it is quite creepy! Sort of like, not watching the screen and hearing something much more thought provoking

SilentCobra responds:

Hey, that's what I wanted it to be. Just trying to make some ambiance for people who want to use it for upcoming Halloween submissions.

country meet's cosmic?

it drag's a little mid way, but it's a pretty original sounding track. I get the image of a space cowboy...yup...I just referenced that their song.

SilentCobra responds:

Tesla, nice. I really don't know how Adobe Soundbooth's Resource Central had this under Halloween or something like that. It's clearly country/southern rock. I guess because of the bass guitar or something, eh. Thanks for the review.

appropriatly named

Sounds like something that would be used in a real game.

SilentCobra responds:

That's what I was going for anyway. For some reason, the GP of NG, seems to think otherwise, I don't know why though, maybe they're just idiots.



rather diggable indeed

reminds me of something they'd play at the end of an awesome and explosive action movie. Good on ya.

SilentCobra responds:

GODDAMMIT!! Why does everyone keep saying that this belongs at the end?! >:( Sure the title may be "End Game" but, as far as I personally am concerned, this is something that should be played during an extremely actiony part of the movie.


Then again, the more I listen to it, I guess it could be played at the end of an action movie. I just don't like how everyone keeps saying that over and over and over. Thanks for the review and could you review my flash submissions as well?

annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd download

first song I've heard from you, gonna look up some more :D

syphonmax responds:

lol Thanks :)


I reallly like this one. Most songs at this site are made through some kind of tecno theme. This a refreshing chagne and it sonds really good. I'd vote higher if it was'nt all a sort of loop with no voice, but still good job. Very relaxing, I'll be downloading this, its perfect for when I need to clear my mind or something like that. Again good job.

shootingBLiND responds:

thanx a lot blank *hides all his trance/techno stuff" hehe...yea lol

i was gonna put vocals on this at first but then i couldn't do it, it sounded perfect to me how it is

and im glad that this will help ur mind relax and become inspired.

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