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feels unfinished

like the idea, however you don't really explain it in the game itself " didn't get that you could manipulate a lv until I read the description" also some sound would be greatly appreciated.

Better then most things you find on xbox live

I DARE someone to say this game is'nt awesome :D great work man


you are my hero!!!!!

its glorious!!!!!! pixalated chaos!!!!

Roger that

Most fun I've had with a hedghog since sonic. Good job laddie, you've done your country proud

Twisted man scientist

you sir are a twisted twisted man, and I love it!! Creative, original, trippy, estaticly pleasing, and mind crunching

Chaz-o responds:

i feel all tingly inside now :3


I'd really like to see a tweeked version of this game, maybe make the area a little bigger and add some color to places you cant hit. That'd be the difference between good "and it is definatly a good good game" and a GREAT game.

A magnificant peice of work, Good job guys:)

Graphicly: One of the best looking games I've seen done complely in flash. Very nice charecter designs. I highly recommend you persue a proffessional career in the feild.

Style: Hands down my favorite part of the game.I've pretty much instantly fallen in love with the concept and hope you consider a sequal. I'm a real fan of your work but I'm finding I like your original content such as this and those oh so lovalbe james games most.

The atmospher was very well portrayed with the combination of animation and sounds, something honestly creepy at times "perticularly that little girl" Also, i'd just like to point out what a good job I think you did with the diologe and charecter chemistry. It managed to be beliveable. Not overly cheesy and not over the top unnessesarily vougar. Something I really appreachiate:)

sound: Most of it was pretty catchey, especially the main theme, though I do wish their had been some voicework beond the grumbles and laughes.

I dont really "appreachiate" this catagory, so lets skip it.

Interactivity: As a point and click game, your standards for interactivity are signifigantly highered. I was pretty much ok with all aspects, except I felt the "mini-games" with in the game could have had a little more dept to them. ALso I was sort of hoping fora little more to do after the game was done. Something like a sandbox feature for the mini-games.

humor: its a game not really geared at beign funny, but you still manageda fer chuckles here and their. For this I salute you.

Overall: A magnificant peice of work were the effort really shines through.


I really like this series. Though I think it had just a little too much blood flying around every time you hit anything. Also I'm not really sure how you chang e the quaility of the game from low to high..what ever.

CAnt wait for 3. Good luck

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