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Bligidy Blog on a log: The deadly box of three hundred and sixty X's

Posted by blank0000 - June 27th, 2009

Tragedy today my comrads...wrenched tragedy, from a story that must be told...for the sake of a well needed moral, in todays cold cold world.

It was a fine, summers day. The birds where chirping, the wood elves where baking cookies, the Emerald clan was away dueling with a group of gypsies, and I Was merrily trotting along, on a quest for the road less traveled.

Yes, it was the perfect set up for a tragedy to occur, and so the cruel fates that be decided "man...lets go F with this guy" and that one fate in the corner was all " na man, he's not doing anything fowl, let us use our mighty powers for a more fulfilling task" but the other fates in the room all bit their thumb's at that silly rouge, leaving the already ostracized fate to flip several biches and go for a stroll of his own, leaving me to do battle with the fowl concoction the not so awesome fates had decided upon.

I saw before me a box. Inscribed with three hundred and sixty X's. Which I eminently recognized as the symbol pirates uses to mark their bounty! Assuming this was a box with the contents of three hundred and sixty pirate based fortunes. I Immediately grabbed it and ventured home, to boast afront all dem "fools" who be up in my grizz-ill.

When suddenly the box shook, and emitted a vibrant red glow. "death" it whispered, in a voice that haunts me even now. "Death from the rings of RED!"

"A DEMON!" I proclaimed! tossing the box of several hundred X's aside.

It died that day, and I feasted heartily upon it's flesh, but not before reminding myself, that though this demon was vile beyond imagine...all it ever wanted...was to be loved...a task I had failed to accomplish.

But the memory of this event will forever be immortalized in my mind, a scar on my soul that tells me to be the better man...to help the old woman across the street, and to live my life as a Glorious and shining example of Awesome, instead of a lowly cashier...

Think about it...BE the change

Bligidy Blog on a log: The deadly box of three hundred and sixty X's